Feb 09 2012

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NEW ZEALAND: Pornstar, Riley Reid, is Traveling Internationally – Crossing Borders for Sex Work is Illegal

EDITORIAL: You can see why they are pushing this girl now. She looks like she’s14. Pushing Pedophilia once again.

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  1. Melissa

    There is no way that this actress is over 18. Who knows how many fake IDs have been used in porn. Traci Lords and Brent Corrigan are the two KNOWN cases. Just like Bieyanka Moore. She turned out to be a 15 year old runaway named Charrida Smalley.

    The question is who’s idea was it for her to do porn? A 15 year old didn’t come up with that idea on her own. I think Traci Lords stepfather(who’d also molested her BTW) is the person introduced Traci to porn.

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