Mar 13 2012

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RESOURCE: A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction

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byThe Art of Relating

According to the authors, Paldrom and George Collins,” “The way sex is used for marketing purposes and the explosion of “the internet “have created the perfect storm of conditions that lead to sex addiction”.  So, how do you know if there is an issue?   The Collins say that, “If your sexual behavior creates suffering and causes you to lose what you cherish most, you have a problem”.  From coming to terms with the initial discovery of the problem, to rebuilding the relationship, reestablishing trust, facing the past, and moving on, A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction reassures couples that it is possible to heal after sexual addiction is exposed and is complete with true stories, exercises and expert advice to guide them back to a healthy existence. Join the conversations live or send your thoughts and comments to TheArtofRelating@hotmail.com

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