Mar 20 2012

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Shy Love has Pornstars Listed on ATMLA.com that Work Double Duty as Escorts for TheLuxuryCompanion.com – Victoria White, Kacey Jordan – the list goes on…

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monica Foster commentary on PornNewsToday.com:

Every now and then I like to check in with Kacey Jordan on her twitvid account who now goes by her birth name Courtney Nicole. Many of you remember this young lady from her stint with Charlie Sheen – however I remember many of the tragic events that followed post the $30,000 check of which she was the recpient of (a couple suicide threats, an alleged rape at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas, her nearly being stranded in Hong Kong, etc).
Once again today, I find myself very concerned for Courtney Nicole (Kacey Jordan on TheLuxuryCompanion). Many of my porn news blogging peers in the industry have told me time and time again “ignore that attention whore” , “she’s crazy” , “she’s lost” , “she’s a selfish self centered materialistic little bitch”, etc…However I can’t help but care – it’s a character flaw I embody (one that I’d be far better off without I suppose). I don’t just care about Courtney in this situation however – I care about many young unsuspecting girls she may wind up doing a porn shoot with in the future as of today – and here is why….In the above video – aside from Courtney revealing once again that she doesn’t bother with birth control – she confides to us the viewer that she’s about to meet up with a “friend” who’s flying in from Israel to see her to have unprotected ANAL sex with her. Yep – watch the video above and LISTEN FOR YOURSELF.

Now I’m sure Israel is fairly the equivalent to the USA in terms of medical technology (especially if you are of the upper class of their society), but will Courtney be privy to a recent HIV test from her Israeli friend? I suppose since her manager is Shy Love, maybe she has access to a special Israeli HIV “John” database – who knows…

Shy Love has quite the selection of women who are open about escorting listed on ATMLA.com . First Victoria White and Charlie Laine from the new Sundance film “Cardate” (www.cardatemovie.com) are outed on the movie’s website (and in the movie) about being available as escorts while working for ATMLAand now Courtney aka Kacey Jordan is one upping them by letting us know EXACTLY how she’s going to get down and dirty…OFF CAMERA!Here’s a link to Kacey’s tour schedule … www.TheLuxuryCompanion.comI have a solution to that could possibly launch Courtney Nicole into the spotlight and bring a lot more TRUTH, DANGER and REALITY to Taylor Momsen’s music (hell – when I look at Taylor and Courtney Nicole they could almost be twins – I almost wonder if Courtney is the INSPIRATION for Taylor Momsen) – why doesn’t Shy Love call Jenna Haze and get Courtney out on tour with Taylor?

Sex, drugs, alcohol, music, Hollywood – lets GO! Taylor glamorizes the Courtney Nicole / Kacey Jordan lifestyle … “Make me wanna die”“Somebody mixed my medicine”

I suppose the next step in the game is for a pornstar turned popstar to release a song called “I don’t need condoms – HIV ain’t no THANG”

Posted by Monica Foster at 3:22 PM

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