Jan 04 2015

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PITV BOOK ONE: “A Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah” Prologue



While telling this story of the two years I spent working inside the Los Angeles adult entertainment industry, I work to keep my daughter’s personal story as minimal as possible because her story in Porn Valley is really her story to tell if and when she’s ready to tell it. The reality of her story is that she was one of thousands of daughters just like her who end up in America’s sex industries every day. While that part of her story isn’t so unique, the fact that she got out and has gone on to live a full and productive life is not only unique for ex-sex workers and sex trafficking survivors, it’s a testament to what can be done to help the victims of sex trafficking if they have the proper societal support and rehabilitative resources.

I didn’t want to lose my daughter so I became an American sex worker at the age of 47. It wasn’t the best choice or even the easiest choice but at the time, I knew it was the only choice I had if I wanted my daughter alive and in my life. I was 47 and had lived a full life. I had been married twice, had 3 beautiful, healthy grown children and even had a great career in the financial and investment industries. I was about to make sure she got the same opportunities!

Porn in the Valley’s “A Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah” is the story of every single girl and woman who ends up in Porn Valley. I tell it from my prospective, a 47 year old business woman who spent almost 2 years working as a sex worker in America’s legal sex industries. How or why I or anyone else ends up there isn’t unusual or fascinating though that’s what the media always focuses on. The fact is, once a female is initiated into Porn Valley’s satanic sex cult, she will find terrible things happen to all those who have been there. It is part of their rite of passage of which trauma bonding, Stockholm Syndrome and sadism and masochism are used to break the victims down and then reprogram them as American Sex Slaves!

Since we’ve been out and exposing these atrocities against humanity happening right here in a legally sanctioned American industry, we have been the target of cyberbullying, stalking, harassment and intimidation from all levels of entertainment, media and government entities. Our efforts have dramatically changed the way people view this dark and secret world that works hard to look glamorous, successful and legit while they steal our daughters and warp men’s minds. In fact, it’s gotten much worse in Porn Valley since we began this investigative journal in 2008 as our work scores victories against their crimes and societal scrutiny reveals their true ugliness.

Every girl inside America’s sex industries is someone’s daughter. I was Mom to many of them while I was there so this is a story about all the daughters in Porn Valley, not just mine. The Los Angeles porn industry reached inside my home, through my internet connection and they took my daughter into their dark, evil world of commercial sex exploitation, where they sell our daughters to the World through 4 million + hardcore pornography sites, running live on the internet today. It took them all of a week to get inside her head and pull her into their recruitment process and it took me almost 2 years to get her back out.

Going after her took me to Los Angeles where I worked to stay close by, informed and connected. There were some who helped us on more than one occasion. They knew we didn’t belong there. They knew SHE didn’t belong there. There are others who have gotten pulled into the porn industry’s lies and deceit. There are other good people still there right now, stuck in Porn Valley and afraid to leave, especially after they watched what Porn Valley did to us when I chose to fight back after my daughter and I finally arrived home in July of 2009!

There were many who have tried to destroy me so they could own and sell my daughter. She’s a beautiful, petite blond and has acting experience. She is elegant, well mannered and educated. She was their prototype. She had performed in every school play or talent event that she was allowed to try out for. She even landed a role in a local community theater production when she around 10. She was an honors student in Math and Science. She had graduated high school early, going to a magnet school so she could graduate at the age of 17. She had very little sexual experience and had only had 2 boyfriends. She was the perfect target for the experienced sexual predators of the American sex industries.

My daughter was worth millions of dollars to Porn Valley. The average “street hooker” or hotel prostitute brings in an estimated annual $250k+ during the 3-5 prime years they can get out of these teen and college age girls. When you calculate the prostitution rates of the pornstars they pimp, the average pornstar can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars per ‘date’ because they charge anywhere from $1000 to $25k an hour to spend some ‘quality time’ with a porn industry performer.

By getting involved and working there while my daughter was there, I learned a lot about who the pimps are and how they work. I saw exactly how they groom the girls. The first step was always to eliminate family and friends from their lives and strip all family traditions and belief systems from the girl’s minds. This was a constant battle between the porn industry and I, which showed me if I hadn’t been there, my daughter would’ve become an international prostitute, being pimped out to the elitists of the World, if not dead from the drugs they constantly push to all the girls to get them hooked and dependent on their pimps.

They taught me the recruiting process because they knew a Mom would bring girls in even easier than the guys who worked in the agencies and on production crews who all get paid for girls they bring in. In fact, that’s how they got my daughter. At 21 years old, she thought she knew more than her mother but then she was willing to listen to this strange “Mom” who our porn agent had hired to ‘mother’ the girls in. This mom “recruiter’ was setting my daughter up to be pimped out to the world and the only thing I knew about it was what I’d learned in Lifetime Movies!

To tell the truth, now that I know everything that I know, I can honestly say I didn’t really know anything about the realities of our World before working inside the porn industry. I thought I was well educated and socially informed. I mean, I was an executive business woman for 12 years, but after spending 2 years working inside our legal American sex industries, I was in for the most rude awakening of my life. I had stumbled across a corrupt, organized crime industry and it was being protected and sanctioned by our government and promoted by our mainstream media and entertainment industries. These are the criminals I fight in order to expose these truths.

This is my story and the story of the 1000s of girls and women who find themselves trapped in the same sexually deviant underworld that I found myself in when I found myself working to save my daughter from Porn Valley, Hollywood, California and the United Sates government.

This is what I learned, witnessed and experienced during those 2 years. May my sharing with you save your daughters and ultimately help to save our World from the perils of hardcore pornography and their grip on the American system!

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