Aug 01 2015

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DALLAS: Women’s Rights Group Takes Issue with Adult-Entertainment Expo

EDITORIAL: And they should. These events are nothing more than advertising for johns to set up sex appointments with pornstars who are sex trafficked by porn industry agents and producers. The Los Angeles porn industry hauls these girls around the world pimping them out through these sex conventions. Sex trafficking increases dramatically in all surrounding areas and girls are trafficked from all over the world to service the thousands of johns who descend on the sponsoring area. There’s nudity and live sex acts happening throughout each event. The girls feature at area strip clubs where potential johns can get up close and personal. All hotels used for convention guests will have sex trafficking activities going on.

For a city and their businesses to allow these expos is for that city to publicly condone the sex trafficking of thousands of teens and young women through the Los Angeles porn industry. Local officials need to make the decision: Is their city going to become pimp friendly, promoting organized crime, prostitution and the sex trafficking of our daughters or will they support families, legitimate businesses and healthy lifestyles instead? It’s really as simple as that!

God Bless these women for taking this on. Thank you!


DALLAS – You can spot the billboards around town. The EXXXOTICA Expo is coming to Dallas in two weeks.

The event bills itself as “the largest adult event in the USA dedicated to love and sex,” open to those 18 and up. But the venue is the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center — run by the City of Dallas — and that has some unhappy.

“If we were to change the course of history, we would not be having this conference here in Dallas in a public facility within a community that made such a strong commitment to end violence and trafficking against women,” said women’s rights advocate Roslyn Dawson Thompson.

The event is set for next month at the Dallas Convention Center.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation says it takes issue with the sponsors of the Expo, which include online escort services. They say those businesses contribute to the sex trafficking and exploitation of young women and children.

“There is a huge correlation between pornography, sex trade, violence against women, and trafficking,” Thompson said. “How can you not reconcile that, and realize that this is not a good thing for our city to be doing?”

On Wednesday, the EXXXOTICA Expo released a statement about the controversy.

“In the last decade we’ve produced 25 events in 6 cities, all without incident,” said J. Handy, Director of EXXXOTICA. “In every new location we face various misconceptions about what EXXXOTICA truly is.

“Sex trafficking is a major concern in society and we are firmly on the side of those fighting it,” Handy continued. “We’ve worked diligently to make sure there are no unlawful activities at our events.”

Handy also claimed the expo promises to bring between $5 million and $7 million to the local economy, saying it was a “net-positive” for the city.

Dallas police estimate more than 400 women a night may be part of sex trafficking in the city, and have made multiple arrests of men who use online services to lure underage girls.

In a letter to the mayor, the Dallas Women’s Foundation points that out, and adds, “That is why we are deeply troubled by the fact that the EXXXOTICA Expo is being hosted here in Dallas, not to mention in a facility that is named to honor one of the Dallas Women’s Foundation founders and fierce and formidable advocate for the rights of women and girls.”

Mayor Mike Rawlings issued a statement, saying he understands the disgust and is worried about the message the Expo is sending. He said the city attorney’s offices advised him the use of the convention center falls under the First Amendment.

“Our city attorneys advise us that the city, therefore, cannot deny its use, strictly based on the content of a planned event,” the mayor said.

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