Aug 21 2015

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Hackers Behind Ashley Madison Leak Reveal They Have Thousands of Users’ Naked Photos & Explicit Chats as They Publish 3rd Batch of Files

EDITORIAL: There was no security because these sites are owned by PIMPS who don’t care about JOHNS, just their money. Porn sites are the same. In fact, I’d lay money on the pimps wanting this exact scenario to happen so they could legally use the info in public forums to smear whoever they want. 

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Until you get this into your sexually oversaturated penis brains, you will continue to be their most gullible targets.


‘Nobody was watching, there was no security’.

  • The hackers behind the Ashley Madison leak have released a third batch of files and have spoken out for the first time
  • The Impact Team reveal they have been collecting the information for years and reveal they also have naked photos and explicit chats between users 
  • Said they would not release naked photos but did not rule out further leaks of less explicit photos and private email exchanges between members 
  • Blasted Avid Media’s security and claimed ‘nobody was watching’  

Ashley Madison hackers have released another batch of secret information and spoken out for the first time after the bombshell leaks.

In an interview with Vice, the Canadian group reveals they have naked photographs and private explicit chats between members among the 300GB of information they have stolen.

They said they would not share an naked or explicit photos but did not rule out making public private chats and other images posted through the ‘cheaters’ site.

The group were unapologetic about the mayhem they have caused with the leaks or for the many marriages that may have ended as a result.

Third round: A third wave of documents has now been revealed by the Impact Team. It comes after a 9.7GB and 20GB leak earlier this week

‘We were in Avid Life Media a long time to understand and get everything,’ they said.

‘Finally we watched Ashley Madison signups growing and human trafficking on the sites…We didn’t blackmail users. Avid Life Media blackmailed them. But any hacking team could have. We did it to stop the next 60 million. Avid Life Media is like a drug dealer abusing addicts.’

The hacking group also vowed to target other websites in the same way – and not limit their work to dating sites.

‘Not just sites. Any companies that make hundreds of millions profiting off pain of others, secrets, and lies. Maybe corrupt politicians. If we do, it will be a long time, but it will be total,’ they said.

It is not yet clear what information appears in the group’s third data dump but it follows the 10GB and 20GB leaks earlier this week.

They have vowed to leave email exchanges between lower level employees out of their leaks but said they may reveal the inboxes of top executives.

The company’s CEO Noel Biderman’s entire email trail was among the documents released in the second release.

Most unfaithful states of America: A new graph calculated by a Reddit user used the Ashley Madison data dump to show the state that spent the most money on the adultery website per capita

Most unfaithful states of America: A new graph calculated by a Reddit user used the Ashley Madison data dump to show the state that spent the most money on the adultery website per capita

The hackers didn’t give any new indication of their motive behind the leaks but said they were a team of ‘very’ experienced cyber activists.

They threatened Avid Media with the leaks and called on the company to close down the site to stop the release but never expected the conglomerate to act.

‘They make $100,000,000 in fraud a year. Not very surprised they didn’t shut down. Maybe lawyers can shut them down now. They sound like politicians, cannot stop lying’.

Their comments come as the first lawsuit over the revelations has been launched and is targeted at Avid Media rather than the hackers.

Eliot Shore, a widower who joined the site after his wife of thirty years died of breast cancer, is leading a $580 million class action lawsuit against the company and is also demanding $7.65 million in punitive damages.

Shore, of Windsor, Ottawa, claims he joined the infidelity site for a short time after his wife’s death ‘in search of companionship’ but claims he never went on a date

He was among the 37 million who had their private details published on the internet by the hacking syndicate ‘the Impact Team’.

‘I’m not cheating on anybody,’ Shore told the Toronto Star.

Mocked: Memes mocking Ashley Madison's legal woes have appeared across Twitter. Here the cheating site's motto 'Life is short. Have an affair' is changed to 'Life is short. Hire an attorney'

Only winners: One Twitter user designed this graphic to suggest that divorce lawyers will be the only happy people connected to the data leak

‘Unfortunately, my wife passed away of breast cancer last year. I was just looking for a little bit of company. But that was the extent of it. I sent a few emails. I never met a soul though.’

Lawyers representing Shore, Charney Lawyers and Sutts, Strosberg LLP, claim they are in talks with a further 12 individuals who are considering becoming plaintiffs in the case – and have spoken, more informally, to dozens more.

‘Our clients are looking for compensation and access to justice for all affected,’ partner David Robins told Canada’s National Post.

‘Another major aspect of this is behavior modification; (our clients) went to this website being promised anonymity and confidentiality, but their privacy has been violated. Corporations need to be accountable for what’s happened so that others can follow.’

‘Everybody’s all of a sudden coming forward to express their complaints and wanting to know how they can participate,’ lawyer Ted Charney added in an interview with the Toronto Sun.

‘It seems massive in some respects, but for us, it’s a classic privacy breach case where you’ve got a number of people who are similarly situated, who the corporation made the same promises to, in terms of confidentiality and … their personal information disclosed to the public at large.’

Scandal: The Ashley Madison website promises its 37 million members worldwide complete 'anonymity' and has the motto: 'Life is short. Have an affair' - but all its users had their details leaked

Revealed: This is a new world map showing the locations of all the members of Ashley Madison cheaters outed by hackers - but most databases linked to the data have failed to cope with demand

More than  270,000 email address and 800,000 credit card numbers registered to Canadian users were released in the hacking attack.

Meanwhile a heartbroken wife whose husband was outed as a Ashley Madison cheat has started the first divorce proceedings linked to the infidelity website.

Nigel Shepherd, a partner at family law firm Mills and Reeve headquartered in London, has revealed that a married British woman has asked him for legal advice after her husband was outed on Wednesday.

The divorce proceedings, if they go through, will be the first linked to the site.

Family lawyers in the U.S. are describing it as a legal ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Christmas in September’ for the industry after the names and sexual fantasies of 37 million Ashley Madison members were leaked.

Millions of suspicious spouses have already crashed dozens of search websites listing the names of Ashley Madison cheaters.

One woman who now knows her husband has been cheating on her using the website said: ‘I’ve been devastated all day. My husband is due home tomorrow from a business trip, and now I don’t know what to do’.

She added in a post on survivinginfidelity.com: ‘I don’t know if I should just take the kids and leave, or have it out with him, or what’. 

Los Angeles-based attorney Steve Mindel predicted a boost in business for him and his colleagues.

He said: ‘We’re all saying: ‘It’s going to be Christmas in September’.

‘Pretty soon all of this stuff is going to surface and there’s going to be a lot of filings for divorce directly as a result of this’.

‘It’s going to be like black Friday for the law firms.’

‘It’s unbelievable the amount of animosity and frustration they have to feel before they call a divorce attorney ‘

Warning: Impact Team said Ashley Madison members should not have anonymity because they are 'cheating dirtbags' and deserve no such discretion' as they published the data

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