Nov 20 2015

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Meet Another Unethical Attorney, Ronald D. Green, of Randazza Legal Group – Stalker & Twitter Troll @JamieProfit

Ronald D. Green - a Randazza Legal Group partner is social media / twitter stalker and troll JamieProfit

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:

Ironically just about 2 weeks after the beautifully written exposé on corrupt pornographic industry attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, “Bribery, gay porn, and copyright trolls: The rise and fall of lawyer Marc Randazza“, made international mainstream news headlines – it has been revealed that one of the Randazza Legal Group partners –attorney Ronald D. Green (Nevada state bar #7360) has engaged in aggressive unethical behavior as well under the social media alias of “JamieProfit” (@JamieProfit on twitter).

Ronald D. Green aka JamieProfit social media bullying of Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster starting in the year 2012

Starting in the year 2012, Ronald D. Green  aka JamieProfit targeted and began stalking, harassing, bullying, threatening, intimidating, defaming and libeling me on social media (namely Twitter).  This was approximately 2 years before he along with his partner Marc Randazza abused Nevada court system by filing a lawsuit against me which initially was an effort to threaten me and silence my independent investigative blogging, but later became an effort to extort me and sextraffick me back into the pornographic industry via “legal” debt bondage.

Over the years Ronald D. Green aka JamieProfit has stated the following directly to my account @MonicaFoster on the social media platform Twitter.com:

  • “LOL. Foster really needs to get on some better meds.”
  • “You’re a disgusting and vile human being for saying that.”
  • “I think @MonicaFoster has crossed the line here. She doesn’t seem like a very nice (or good) person.”
  • “lol @MonicaFoster you mentalcase.”
  • “What if you’re a black jew?”
  • “You are, without a shadow of a doubt, the stupidest human beings on this planet”

Below is the settlement offer from Ronald D. Green aka Jamie Profit of Randazza Legal Group (which I DECLINED), my statement for the court record in regards to Ronald D. Green aka JamieProfit’s unethical actions and the exhibits which are evidence of Green’s activity.



Ronald D. Green aka JamieProfit of Randazza legal Group


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