Nov 23 2015

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PATIENT ZERO: Charlie Sheen could be Sued by 700 Ex-Lovers over ‘HIV sex’ as His Confession Sparks Hollywood Panic

EDITORIAL: Ex-pornstar, Lisa Ann, spoke out this week, and she points out that “when you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, safe sex is not on your mind.” Now, in her interview, she refers specifically to Charlie Sheen when she made this statement. Well, we all know that many of these pornstars were also under the influence of drugs and alcohol and that Charlie’s parties were one of the main reasons, besides the money, that they were there in the first place.

I also want to point out that these pornstars, according to their own industry, is supposed to be well educated on HIV, what causes it, how it’s transmitted and how to avoid it, so what we really have here is a whole bunch of people knowingly and actively choosing to participate in extremely high risk sexual behavior. 

It was obviously well known that Charlie swung both ways in the bedroom and these pornstar prostitutes even state, on the record, that they brought gay performers and transsexuals to join in Charlie Sheen’s parties. While Charlie definitely had the upperhand in these business arrangements, it’s laughable to keep hearing these veteran pornstars who regularly prostitute illegally all the the world, say they thought they were safe, they thought they could trust a man whom the ENTIRE WORLD knows is a porn crazed, meth smoking, hardcore liquor drinker, elitist misogynist. Everyone here is a victim. We should be doing something to make sure this never happens again instead of drawing up legal teams. We have a worldwide HIV exposure and all anyone can think of is how to get their hands on more money!

Last point I’m going to make on this one is that our liberal media pimps who help pimp these girls to the world keeps calling all these pornstars Charlie’s ex-girlfriends. Notice how NONE of them call the guys his boyfriends. The simple fact is, these professional, feminist empowered sex workers, were providing the girlfriend experience (GFE) for a FEE. They were not his girlfriends. He called them his ‘goddesses.’ They belong to Porn Valley’s main prostitution ring, “The Luxury Companions.” We’ve been exposing this organized crime network for several years now. No one did anything and this is the results!


He admitted last week he contracted the virus four years ago – and already 75 people he bedded since then have contacted lawyers

Controversy: HIV positive Sheen

Charlie Sheen could face legal action from up to 700 former lovers who claim he kept his HIV secret from them.

He admitted last week he contracted the virus four years ago – and already 75 people he bedded since then have contacted lawyers.

Claims are said to range from emotional distress to negligent transmission of a sex disease.

But sources say the 75 so far are the tip of an iceberg and that Sheen, 50, slept with more than 700 including call girls, strippers and porn stars as well as more than a dozen men and transsexuals.

Then there is the domino effect.

Confession: Sheen appeared on the Today Show for a live interview to discuss his HIV status

A source said: “Charlie once boasted he’d had 5,000 women. After he was diagnosed he’s admitted he went out of control.

“Say he slept with 500 sex workers in the past four years and they slept with five people each – thousands could have been exposed to HIV. It’s caused panic.”

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Sheen, who spent £1million on sex workers in 2013 alone, has become known as Patient Zero in legal circles as California lawyers continue to receive calls from claimants.

In his confession the dad of five said it was “impossible” for him to have spread the disease and that he told everyone he slept with he was HIV.

Inside EditionCharlie Sheen's ex Bree Olson on Inside Editon
Claim: Olson says he never mentioned HIV

But many former partners have branded him a liar.

Charlie Sheen ‘paid out £6.6million to keep crack sex tape with another man secret’

Tapes allegedly showing the movie star with a male lover and allegedly smoking crack are about to be made public

GettyCharlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has allegedly paid millions to keep the tapes secret

Charlie Sheen has paid out £6.6million in a frantic bid to keep up to eight sex tapes private, it has been claimed.

Sheen feared that tapes allegedly showing the movie star with a male lover and allegedly smoking crack could be made public.

The videos are believed to show the shamed Hollywood actor with both male and female lovers.

Sheen, 50, is fighting to keep the footage off the internet but details of what the tapes show are expected to be released.

The troubled star of Wall Street is already facing a slew of legal claims from former partners after admitting he is HIV-positive.

America’s National Enquirer magazine, which broke the story after an 18-month probe, is thought to have seen up to five tapes which allegedly show him with both men and women and also smoking drugs.

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It is alleged that in one video Sheen performs a sex act on a man before grinning into the camera’s lense.

WENNCharlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller
Charlie Sheen and ex-wife Brooke Mueller

The news comes a week after Sheen admitted paying up to £6million to numerous people to stop them revealing his HIV status.

He described the blackmail as his “truth becoming their treason”.

Splash NewsCharlie Sheen bites on finger and has a cigarette as he gives thumbs up in NYC
Charlie Sheen bites on finger and has a cigarette as he gives thumbs up in NYC

Speaking of the sex tapes, a source said: “It makes you wonder what went through Charlie’s mind to let himself be filmed.

“He is desperate to keep the videos off the internet but they have already been leaked.

New challenge: Charlie Sheen says his partying days are over and his philanthropic days have begun

“The clips last about 30 seconds and show him smoking a crack cocaine pipe and with a male lover.”

Sheen said he always told his partners he was HIV-positive but many, including his former girlfriend, ex-porn star Bree Olson, 29, have come forward to rubbish his claims.

Charlie Sheen in Two and a half men

The father-of-five was once said to have a £66million fortune but admits to losing much of it in payouts.

He is now reportedly looking to sell the house he bought for his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, 38, and their six-year-old twin sons.

Despite reports that Sheen is evicting them, a source said: “Charlie would never kick his children out of their home but he needs his money from somewhere while not working.”

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