Dec 15 2015

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Sean Matthew Tompkins: The Twitter Bully Behind FSC’s TRPWL Stalker Site

Sean Matthew Tompkins

Sean Matthew Tompkins is a professional twitter and social media troll. Over the years he has developed a multitude of social media aliases in effort to defame, discredit, bully, stalk, libel and harass various targets. As of current on twitter he’s known as @TRPWL, @CindiSpiegler, @JojoUSlove, @SinCityGrrl

Involvement with & takeover of online stalking and hate site Pornwikileaks
Mike South still states that Monica Foster assisted in closing the FIRST pornwikileaks site – so what is Sean Tompkin’s problem?
Pornwikileaks.com has been restored and is back online – those who claimed (namely Sean Tompkins) to have shut it down did not.
TRPWL Sean Tompkins : puppet of Diane Duke and Ari Bass
Weinergate , xxxporntalk , Mike Stack (aka redgoat / goatsred), Sean Tompkins of Porn Wikileaks & Desi Foxx
it is 2012 and Sean Tompkins, Michael Whiteacre, Mike Stack, Vanessa Blue, Mercedes Ashley, Julie Meadows, Doug Hawk, and Kayden Kross are still supporting the stalking, harassment and threats towards Monica Foster’s family members
Sean Tompkins harasses and threatens me via text message today due to ANOTHER pornwikileaks type website going live
Why is Kayden Kross supporting Pornwikileak’s lack of legal closure?
Why is Sean Tompkins (TRPWL – TheRealPornWikiLeaks) posting about Monica Foster ‘s family members just like PornWikiLeaks Donny Long did?
Again – those attached to the initial pornwikileaks project are attacking innocent family members of ex-pornstars
Sean Tompkins created a completely fabricated “interview” with Monica Foster (and impersonated her online which is ILLEGAL in the state of Texas)
Time for the porn organized crime ring to lynch the black girl – Will Ryder, Michael Whiteacre, Kayden Kross and Sean Tompkins are behind it all
Why is Sean Tompkins supporting the breach of the Aids Healthcare Foundation email network / system
Pornwikileaks still needs LEGAL closure and who is Sean Tompkins?

Sean Matthew Tompkin’s stalking, harassment & criminal activity – documented by PornInTheValley.com

What Will Stalker Savant, Sean Tompkins Do When Bankroller, FSC, Turns Him Away??
Christmas is Over So Homework Assignments Continue – More on Sean Tompkins, Porn Valley’s Stalker Savant
Meet Sean Tompkins – The Stalker Savant from XPT and TRPWL

Weinergate , xxxporntalk , Mike Stack (aka redgoat / goatsred), Sean Tompkins of Porn Wikileaks & Desi Foxx
PORN MOB: Cyberbullies & Stalkers Affiliated With and Who Support Mark Spiegler & Marc Randazza
A Porn Valley Lynching: Extortion & Stalking of Victims & Whistleblowers Prove Civil Rights in America are Dead
Monica Foster Speaks Out About the Continued Stalking by Parties In and Associated with the Porn Industry
Breitbart Gang Teams Up with Real Porn WikiLeaks Crew – More on My Stalker, Mike Stack
The Problem is Krell and the Monsters of the ID – Today’s Psychology Lesson
Do We Have a Deviant Sexual Predator with Children Here – Are They Even His?? Are These Children Safe??
PORN VALLEY: Stalkers Hit Corporate Email Account – Violates Privacy of How Many??

Sean Matthew Tompkin’s affiliation with convicted felon Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre – documented by MikeSouth.com

Uncle Peg, Kahn Tusion, Donny Long, and Rob Black Where are the Shit Stains Now?

(more to come)


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