Jan 28 2016

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How Many Times Can a Man Beat His Wife and Get Away with It? In Nevada, Apparently It’s Unlimited!

In this episode, Sunset introduces comic Keith Reza who shares what it’s like to be a comedian with autism. Later, Sunset and Dr Dixie talk with Mike South about the problems in the Los Angeles porn industry today, James Deen and violence in porn and about the well known porn industry stalker savant, Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass, who is violent and destructive and who has several charges and convictions for domestic violence against his wife, a much younger porn performer and brothel prostitute, Christina Parriera. Basically, he is her pimp.

Dr. Dixie and Mike South discuss Domestic Violence & Ari Scott Bass on the Sunset Thomas & Dr. Dixie show

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  I’m very impressed with the progression of the recently launched Sunset Thomas and Dr. Dixie radio show.  Not only is their show entertaining considering their wide assortment of interesting guests, but it’s very informative in regards to current events and important social issues.
Recently veteran adult entertainment industry blogger Mike South was invited onto the Sunset Thomas and Dr. Dixie Show and the issue of domestic violence, abuse & battery was addressed – specifically in regards to a situation well known in the porn industry blogosphere between porn industry figures Ari Scott Bass and his wife Christina Parreira.

Below is the video and the transcript from the show.  I advise everyone young woman attached to the adult entertainment industry to skip to the portion of the show where the transcript begins ( the 52 minute and 47 second mark), as the discussion could very well save your life.

dr dixie sunset thomas mike south

Mike South on the Sunset Thomas & Dr. Dixie show

Posted January 13, 2016


transcript begins starting from the 52:47 min mark

Dr Dixie: OK we’re back from the break and our special guest right now is Mr. Mike South. Mike there’s something I’ve seen you write about and it has to do with domestic violence in the adult industry and stalkers. Now in the emergency room for 23 years I have you know been faced with domestic violence issues almost every shift unfortunately, and it’s not a good thing and law enforcement, our nurses, our social work teams and our physicians are always on high alert for any signs of a woman or a child being abused and of course we get a lot of law enforcement bringing in domestically abused women and sometimes men actually and the main thing is, is that you want to attend to them to whatever injury they sustain, but you also want to attend to that they get to a safe environment – and we take the very seriously.

Mike South: Right.

Dr Dixie: and we should because I’ll tell you there’s two cases that I never got a second chance to tell this person to never go back into that situation again… One time a woman came in and her husband shot her point blank in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun and it was caved in… The other time a woman got shot point blank in the head with a 38 caliber and it just shredded her brain up. There was another time I saw a woman get stabbed 30 multiple times to the head and neck… I spent 2 to 3 hours just sewing up her wounds.

I saw a huge escalation of domestic abuse in about 2005 to 2011 in Arkansas in the emergency room and it got worse and worse and worse and the common denominator that I found that was the number one reason why that these things were happening was because of drug and alcohol use.  Drugs and alcohol use makes this worse and I’m gonna tell you, it doesn’t matter where you’re at in this country…all across the country…the trailer park, the ghetto, the street, the suburb – unfortunately, and I hate it worse than anything in this world, is domestic abuse upon a woman – and rarely when there’s domestic abuse of a woman on a man.

So I’m not picking on the adult industry, but there have been cases of this in the adult industry I think you’re aware of…can you kind of give us some ideas about that?

Mike South: Well ya know there certainly are and what you’re sayin is absolutely true – I mean it’s no secret drugs are prevalent in the adult industry. When I first came into the industry in 1992 they weren’t as prevalent as they are now…which is kind of interesting to me but particularly the proliferation of meth amphetamine and of course alcohol use makes it go rampant…

And one of the more recent situations involves a couple…She has dabbled in the industry as a performer a few times and he’s been a clinger on basically. He started out as basically a customer of some of the girls who prostitute in the industry – and he got a kind of a foothold with people in the industry that way because he would come to industry shows and things like that. The guys name is Ari Bass. He also goes by the name Michael Whiteacre.

And that’s how he basically ended up around the business. Well, he met this young lady named Christina Parreira…and I’ve known Christina since really before she met Ari – and even when they were dating it was an abusive relationship. And the real odd part of that is she’s a PHD candidate in Women’s Studies. So if anybody should know better, and should know the signs of a psychopathic boyfriend, it should be her – you would think.

But apparently she doesn’t and last year Ari was arrested 5 different times for domestic abuse.  And last January the judge actually ordered them separated even though they were married.  Of course they appealed it and 3 weeks later the order was rescinded and they were back together and of course back fighting.  But in the past it has been Ari abusing Christina without question.

Dr Dixie: That’s not good. That’s not good right there at all.

Mike South: No it’s not, but the most recent one it seems to me at least that Ari has somewhat learned to play the game because on December the 4th she was I think working in a brothel in Nevada, a well known one, and for some reason the well known owner of the brothel decided it was OK for a boyfriend to be on premises, which normally he does not allow and they got into a confrontation and apparently Christina stabbed Ari and Ari called the police and had her arrested for domestic violence so now she is looking at a first degree misdemeanor for assault and domestic violence.

But the point is they have a long history of this and number one, it shouldn’t be tolerated not only in the industry but it shouldn’t be tolerated in the brothels.  The owner of this brothel knew very well about Ari’s past, and Christina is not the first actress that he has been associated with… He has been associated with several – primarily as a customer – but again as he became kind of known in the industry just because they see his face all the time around or whatever he got to know others and he actually got a reputation for being a stalker – and he does in fact stalk people he doesn’t like very heavily…he has even stalked me without question. I’ve got lots of threats from Ari and I’m not alone – but basically I don’t put much credence in it because Ari doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t own a car, he doesn’t own anything so it’s not like he’s gonna come to Atlanta and cause any threat to me. He lives entirely off Christina.

So when you think about it, when he called the police to her, he kinda shot himself in the foot because she is his bread and butter. Yea, she is his only source of money. It’s sad that she would let herself get into that position but you’ve seen it a million times…so have I.

Now the really screwed up part of all of this, is Ari Bass has his doctorate in Jurisprudence from Vanderbilt – so he has been to law school…and he graduated law school. But, he failed to pass the bar every time he tried. So he can’t practice law.

So it’s not like he’s just completely ignorant and dumb and can’t get a job. It’s just that he prefers to live off Christina these days.

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