Jan 29 2016

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MINDGEEK MINT: Free Speech Coalition May Lose Tax Free Status & Face Criminal Charges, Paid Foreign Money Laundering Fine with Laundered Foreign Money

It isn’t just people like Ari and his wife that are stupid..take the Free Speech Coalition.

Back last year they got busted for accepting money from foreign companies to be used on a ballot initiative, The condom law.   Its illegal for a foreign company to donate money to a political campaign.  The FSC was fined…61,500.00 to be exact.

Did they pay..NOPE! but MindGeek (the foreign company that donated the money illegally) did.


If you are like me you are saying to yourself they can’t possibly be that stupid….well remember this is Diane Duke we are talking about…and they call Weinstein incompetent…This is embarrassing.

So The FSC committed a criminal act and the very party that gave them the illegal money paid the fine for them and were so inept that they put their name on it.

I spoke with an attorney and a CPA here in Georgia who said that was a BIG no no and that they could totally lose their tax exempt status for it, and may even face additional criminal charges.

Looks like that new FSC director will have his work cut out for him.

Only in porn….

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