Mar 03 2016

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Brett Rossi Case Against Charlie Sheen Now with Judge and What No One Wants to Talk About

brett-rossi-charlie-sheenEDITORIAL: Okay, we have to look at the reality of what is happening here that no one else wants to talk about. Brett Rossi is going on court record stating she took money for sex with Charlie Sheen. Is she being set up to be arrested since she’s incriminating herself as an illegal prostitute here. Or, maybe she’s been given immunity? Or, is California saying it’s okay to participate in illegal prostitution there and they’re just going to continue to ignore this organized crime network?.

She claims she signed a confidentiality contract under duress. I say she sure did. She was sweating bullets thinking, “If I don’t sign this, I won’t get that $100,000. But if I do, I can’t make millions selling Charlie dirt to media pimps” That’s some serious arm twisting there. It wasn’t Charlie Sheen she was worried about here at all. He was a huge whale to land and she’s have to answer to her pimp if she came home without that payday. She chose to land the whale now and land the media pimps when it’s all over!

Nor, onto the facts of the illegal prostitution that is happening in California without any legal repercussions. We all know WITHOUT A DOUBT, that pornstars are really making their money being pimped out and we all know WITHOUT A DOUBT that they are extremely high risk prostitutes yet NO ONE is talking about this. AND, no one is talking about Kayden Kross, you know, the woman who is part owner of the porn production company, “Trenchcoat X.”


Porn Valley: Diane Duke (former FSC mouthpiece), Kayden Kross & Trinity St. Clair

Just so you know, Trenchcoat X is connected to three different major criminal activities currently running rampant in the Los Angeles porn industry TODAY. Not in any particular order of importance are:

  1. Brett Rossi just signed on with Trenchcoat X since having spoken out publicly about being a illegal prostitute who had unprotected sex for money with both Charlie Sheen and porn industry performers.
  2. Stoya is part owner of Trenchcoat X, which is also the company that has videos still online of her having violent sex with producer/performer, James Deen, who she has since publicly stated he sexually assaulted her. Eight other women have since come forward with similar accusations.
  3. Kayden Kross, co-owner of Trenchcoat X, is President of sugar daddy website ArrangementFinders.com which was found to be owned by the same company that owns infidelity website AshleyMadison.com which is owned by the same company that owns Escorts.ca, an illegal prostitution escorting website. All these websites are connected to known Canadian pimp, Noel Biderman.

So Kayden Kross and Trenchcoat X have three major connections to organized crime activity here, specifically illegal prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual assault and illegal sex contracts. Kayden Kross, Brett Rossi and James Deen have all three been found prostituting on several illegal escorting websites

jamesdeen-escortIs Canadian pimp, Noel Biderman, connected to Trenchcoat X and is he the pimp of all of the above? Since Kink porn production is so connected to much of the torture porn Trenchcoat X produced with Stoya and James Deen AND involves Deen’s sexual assaults, is Noel Biderman connected to Kink? This would bring a connection between foreign pimps Canadian Noel Biderman, British torture pim Peter Atworth and British (he says, we think otherwise) pimp/agent Derek Hay.

AND right smack in the middle of all this diseased, violent porn and illegal prostitution sits Queen Bee, Kayden Kross. WHY is no one talking about all of this??

By  FoxNews.com

Sheen’s ex Scottine Ross: ‘I want justice’

A judge is considering whether the case brought against Charlie Sheen by ex-fiancée Brett Rossi will go to a jury or be decided in arbitration.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Michelle Williams tentatively ruled in favor of Sheen’s petition to compel arbitration, but after hearing arguments on Monday, Williams decided to take the matter under submission.

Rossi filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court on December 3, 2015 accusing the actor of having sex with her without disclosing his HIV status, assault, battery, and false imprisonment.

In her suit, she also said she signed a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) at Sheen’s residence under duress, which she and her lawyers say renders that NDA invalid.

That NDA, obtained by FOX411 and signed by Rossi under her full legal name, Scottine Ross, and Sheen on Nov. 1, 2013, stipulated anything that occurred behind closed doors at Sheen’s house that should cause a future disagreement would be handled privately, by an independent arbitrator.

Steven Rabinowitz, a partner in Pryor Cashman’s Litigation, Family Law and Labor & Employment Groups, said most NDAs end up standing up in court.

“Agreements, including NDAs, are binding if there is consideration in entering into them,” Rabinowitz told FOX411. “The consideration can be awfully slight.  So, here the opportunity to spend time with Sheen is likely enough.”

But Rabinowitz added “the right to bring a claim for what amounts to assault or at least reckless endangerment could very well be sufficiently strong public policy to trump the NDA.” And should the Sheen/Rossi NDA be rendered invalid, the attorney predicts the possibility that “the floodgates may very well be open” for others who signed an NDA to come forward.

That’s what Rossi’s lawyer, David Ring, is counting on. Before this week’s hearing, Ring told FOX411 if the NDA is deemed invalid, Rossi’s legal team would “get a jury trial in court instead of a confidential private arbitration hearing that he [Sheen] wants.”

But Rabinowitz cautioned that if the NDA should hold up in court, “then others likely won’t come forward, absent proof of something worse than exposure to HIV.”

In speaking to FOX411 before this week’s hearing about why she signed the documents, Rossi said she arrived at Sheen’s house “already nervous and uneasy about the circumstances at which I was there.”  She entered through a garage, where she was greeted by his personal security.

“Then, I was escorted into the security room where, inside of the security room there are tons of monitors and security cameras. I was forced to give up my cell phone as well as hand over two forms of ID so the security guy could make copies of it, and I was told I must sign the NDA before I was allowed to go upstairs to meet Charlie.”

Rossi said Sheen then paid $10,000 her to have sex that night. She said the two started dating, and were engaged in January 2014, before splitting later that year.

Sheen referenced the NDA in his petition against Rossi filed on Dec. 7, saying she “has attempted to extort millions of dollars by disclosing Sheen’s medical condition even though she had signed a confidentiality agreement.” Sheen’s reps did not reply to a request for comment, and Rossi’s lawyer would not comment on this week’s hearing.

Sheen disclosed he was HIV positive on November 17th, 2015. He has been appearing regularly on a syndicated medical program, “Dr Oz.” to provide updates on his treatment.

Diana Falzone is a FoxNews.com reporter. 

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