Apr 21 2016

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Death Rate Continues to Rise in Porn Valley as Former WWE Wrestler & Pornstar Chyna Dies Suddenly at 45

EDITORIAL: Another death heavily linked to the Los Angeles porn industry that’s also possibly related to drugs and nobody’s talking about it. How many porn related deaths have to happen before our government steps in and does something? Before LAPD Vice and Narcotics divisions announce investigations? Before someone does something to stop these senseless deaths? At the end of the video below, we can see that Chyna has a black eye. How did she get that shiner? What happened in the days leading up to her death?

AMERICA: For every one of these deaths we don’t scream in outrage and rail against, we allow the murders of our daughters to continue uninhibited, to remain unsolved, for their deaths to never receive retribution and where they are buried without Justice!

BBC on April 21, 2016

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