Apr 23 2016

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LOOKING BACK: Teen “Porn Diva” Out Of Jail, Back On Twitter, Only Then It was for Underage Sex Charges

EDITORIAL: Looking at Twitter today, we noticed that porn stalker, Sean Tompkins, and pornstar woman beater, Bruno Dickems (aka Daddy Dirtbag), are arguing. In reviewing their beef with each other, it seems that Tompkins is promoting the below pornstar, Marsha May (aka Bianca Byndloss) and Dickems isn’t happy about it since she just posted a photo of herself on Twitter, bruised and beaten, and accused the Dirtbag of doing it to her.

Bianca Byndloss hit our radar recently with that tweet. Bruno may think exposing these charges will garner support for his beating her. I’d say it’s more like we’re dealing with some of the WORST dirtbags from all sides of Porn Valley, all inclusive!

The fact that porn stalker, Sean Tompkins, is supporting this pornstar who helped pimp underage girls to pedophiles shows us this girl is closely linked to the same pedophilia network that Tompkin has been linked to for years now, headed by his goon boss, porn troll attorney Marc aka Marco Randazza and the porn industry’s propaganda mouthpiece, the Free Speech Coalition. Ms. May is still working in the porn industry and she is being promoted by Sean Tompkins. It appears she is also illegally prostituting while actively doing porn scenes.

Yes, we can ALL SEE they continue to support, protect and celebrate violent sexual predators in Porn Valley USA. When YOU support and use pornography, this is what and who you’re supporting…Organized crime and the commercial sexual exploitation of children, teens, women and men. They’ll pimp anyone for the profit!


In one Saturday morning excursion, we can see there’s two distinct groups being protected in Porn Valley TODAY…Men who love to beat, rape and torture teens and women and then there’s the men who love to have sex with your children. And Porn Valley pays them well to do it all!

Miami “Porn Beach, Florida” is at the forefront of this one. They all just keep going deeper and deeper into the Rabbit Hole!

The Smoking Gun JUNE 23, 2014

“i hope this doesn’t interfere with my dreams.”

Bianca Byndloss
Says Teen “Porn Diva” Marsha May aka Bianca Byndloss.

JUNE 23–The Miami teenager who bills herself as a “porn diva” and posts explicit photos to her social media accounts bonded out of jail Friday on underage sex charges and immediately returned to Twitter to declare, “i hope this doesn’t interfere with my dreams but only time will tell.”

Bianca Byndloss, 19, was arrested last week along with two male co-defendants for allegedly participating in a May 25 sex party with three female victims aged 12, 13, and 14.

According to police, Byndloss brought the girls to the Miami home of Christian Hernandez, 19. While at the residence, Byndloss, Hernandez, and Bryan Yanes, 18, “engaged in sexual acts” with the three victims.

Videos of the illicit activity were discovered on cell phones owned by the various participants. Cops began investigating the incident after learning that clips from the sex party were placed online.

One video found on Hernandez’s phone showed the 12-year-old victim “digitally penetrating” Byndloss’s vagina, according to an arrest affidavit.

Byndloss, Hernandez, and Yanes are each facing multiple felony charges of lewd and lascivious battery on a child and promoting sexual performance by a child.


After being released from the Miami-Dade jail, Byndloss posted a series of Twitter messages Saturday that appeared to reference her criminal case, which could result in stiff prison sentences for the three accused.

“God knows im humble. I’m loving and caring fun leads to trouble just live and learn,” wrote Byndloss, who also declared, “I love my career i hope this doesn’t interfere with my dreams but only time will tell. #blessup for me peeps much love!!!!!!!”

While noting that, “God has good plans for my life. Let this be a stepping stone to big and better things,” Byndloss also directed a tweet heavenward. “I believe in you god. I know you have the best of plans for me and you’ve helped me throughout my life I bless YOU. #thanks.”

Byndloss, who yesterday posted a new, clothed selfie to Twitter (seen above), also retweeted a message from a detractor who asked, “How does it feel knowing you will spend a long time in jail, and will be labeled a sex offender. Feeling suicidal, hopefully?”

Byndloss’s Twitter profile describes her as “Miami’s po$hprincess aquarius goddess up-cumming porn diva born and raised in miami dade baby! XXX 18+.” (2 pages)

6/24 UPDATE: Following the publication of this story, Byndloss’s Twitter account (@bibiMiami) was deleted.


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