May 28 2016

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VOTE #NoAmnesty4Pimps: It’s Official — Amnesty International Creates the Human Right to Pimp & Purchase Sexual Acts

EDITORIAL: The latest gimmick I’ve seen coming from  Amnesty International as they announce they have determined pimping and buying girls, boys, women and men is a basic human right, is they are using the phrase ‘decriminalization of sex workers’ which is extremely misleading. They know this. It’s why they’re using it!
 That’s right, they’ve decided men or women should have the right to sell human beings and men and women have the right to rent or purchase human beings to use their body parts for their own sexual self-gratification. And Amnesty has decided that pimps should be called sex workers as well. By calling pimps ‘sex workers’, they are purposely removing any ability to separate pimps from prostitutes and sex trafficking victims; you know, the people pimps exploit for a living.
Real anti trafficking non-profits, activists, advocates and survivors ALL have spent years bringing awareness to the harms of prostitution and the high percentages of girls and women who are used and thrown away in this seedy, exploitive criminal activity. The Nordic Model has been highly praised as successful because it decriminalizes the prostitutes, the victims, while it creates penalties for the men who buy sex and beefs up penalties for pimps, brothel owners and others who willfully profit from the commercial sexual exploitation of the most vulnerable and less fortunate.
Now, Amnesty International is using the term decriminalization of sex workers while overtly leaving out the part about giving the basic human right to sell and buy people to organized crime mobs (the pimps and pornographers who victimize these so-called ‘workers’. And as if that isn’t enough, they’re leaving out the part about giving MEN (yes, most johns are men, thus the name ‘john’ given to describe them) the undeniable right to purchase our children, our women and our men to use their bodies like a piece of gym equipment. Use it, sweat all over it, wear it out and then walk away to leave it for someone else to clean up after them. That’s a basic human right according to Amnesty International TODAY!
This is a historical moment in time. Either you’re on board to turn our world into a brothel or you’re not. It can’t get anymore basic than that!



Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International (CATW)

MAY 27, 2016 — Nearly a year after Amnesty International’s International Council released a proposal on prostitution, which it calls “sex work,” the organization’s International Board issued its global policy calling on governments to decriminalize pimping, brothel owning and sex buying. As of May 26, 2016, Amnesty has officially adopted a framework that will shape its advocacy to stand with exploiters, not the exploited.

CATW, along with survivors of the sex trade and other women’s rights and human rights activists, will continue to urge Amnesty to reevaluate its policy. Instead of the wholesale decriminalization of the sex trade, the organization must call on governments to decriminalize only prostituted individuals — not their exploiters. It should not allow pimps, traffickers and brothel owners, who profit from this multi-billion dollar global trade, and the sex buyers, who fuel it, to brutally abuse women with impunity.

Amnesty’s decision to legitimize the sex trade is a gross violation of human rights principles and international conventions, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 1949 Convention, the Palermo Protocol and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). As we continue to oppose this devastating move, our Change.org petition will remain active until we succeed in reversing Amnesty’s policy to decriminalize the sex trade.

In October 2015, as part of the Global Day of Action against Amnesty’s proposal, we circulated a Global Declaration urging the organization to uphold human rights, especially those of women. If you fit into the categories of “We, the undersigned…” as described in the text, please join the signatories who have already rejected Amnesty’s decision to endanger the lives of countless women and girls by condemning them to commercial sexual exploitation.

A human rights organization has a duty to protect the most marginalized among us, especially those who lack real choices. Amnesty is the first and the most prominent grassroots human rights organization in the world. With this policy green-lighting prostitution as a source of employment and empowerment for women, Amnesty has lost its vision of a world where every human being has a right to live with dignity, free from violence. However, we hope that Amnesty will one day reclaim its mission and credibility, and that it will once again abide by international law and fight for the human rights of all.

Until then, it’s official: Amnesty is advocating the right to pimp, buy sex, and profit from the sale of sexual acts off the backs of women and girls everywhere.


Sign On: http://goo.gl/forms/48IUFvJwnD


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A human rights organization has a duty to protect the most marginalized among us, especially those who lack real choices. Amnesty is the first and the most prominent grassroots human rights organization in the world.

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