Apr 23 2016

LOOKING BACK: Teen “Porn Diva” Out Of Jail, Back On Twitter, Only Then It was for Underage Sex Charges

EDITORIAL: Looking at Twitter today, we noticed that porn stalker, Sean Tompkins, and pornstar woman beater, Bruno Dickems (aka Daddy Dirtbag), are arguing. In reviewing their beef with each other, it seems that Tompkins is promoting the below pornstar, Marsha May (aka Bianca Byndloss) and Dickems isn’t happy about it since she just posted a …

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Apr 22 2016

Mainstream Researchers Waking Up to Real Dangers of Porn as Porn Addiction Threatens Entire Generations

By Aaron Cline Hanbury April 12, 2016 Aaron Cline Hanbury is the editorial director for RELEVANT. You can follow him on Twitter at @achanbury The latest issue of Time Magazine landed on stands yesterday. And, you might have heard, the cover story paints a menacing picture of sex and sexuality among younger Americans. When the story, …

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Apr 21 2016

Teen Mom Pornstar Farrah Abraham Does Weird Easter Photoshoot with Hooker Jenna Shea, Then Buys Lux LA Townhouse!

EDITORIAL: Seems Farrah Abraham has set up a new ‘legit’ business supposedly with her own line of furniture though others commenting on this photo suggest otherwise. She may be staging homes for sale with furniture, but what’s she REALLY selling when her photos for a professional real estate service include her posing in LINGERIE? There’s not even ANY furniture …

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Apr 21 2016

UPDATES: Bruno Dickemz Another Violent Male Performer Allowed to Flourish in Porn Valley

EDITORIAL: Isn’t it interesting that two women connected to Porn Valley come up with black eyes this week. Below is a new girl who male pornstar, Bruno Dickemz, says he was paid to beat. Watch former pornstar and WWE wrestler, Chyna, in a video days before her sudden death yesterday shows her sporting a black …

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Apr 21 2016

Death Rate Continues to Rise in Porn Valley as Former WWE Wrestler & Pornstar Chyna Dies Suddenly at 45

EDITORIAL: Another death heavily linked to the Los Angeles porn industry that’s also possibly related to drugs and nobody’s talking about it. How many porn related deaths have to happen before our government steps in and does something? Before LAPD Vice and Narcotics divisions announce investigations? Before someone does something to stop these senseless deaths? …

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Apr 19 2016

IT’S OFFICIAL: ‘Evil, Degrading, Addictive, Harmful’ – Utah Officially Deems Porn a Public Health Crisis

EDITORIAL: One state done, 49 more to go. I’ve been told many time that Porn Valley would never be taken down and I’ve replied back just as many that telling me it can’t be done is exactly the reason to do it! God Bless You UTAH, the 1st State in America to acknowledge the Truth …

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Apr 15 2016

Human Trafficking Report: Victims Reveal Devastating Impact of Abuse, 80% Suffer Mental Health Problems

Study suggests thousands of victims of ‘something akin to modern slavery’ are suffering from post-traumatic stress, severe depression and anxiety. The Independent by Ian Johnston Thursday 14 April 2016 About 30 percent of trafficked women had worked in the sex industry but 66 per cent had been raped “If I don’t go ahead with it, I’ll be dead.” …

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Apr 15 2016

STEP FORWARD: Bree Olson Chooses GoFundMe to Fund Rehab for Decade Long Prescription Drug Addiction

XBiz.com By Rhett Pardon Apr 15, 2016 12:44 PM PDT INDIANAPOLIS — Bree Olson, the former adult star who has recently been doing live camwork for MyFreeCams, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her to be checked into an in-patient treatment program for her addiction to prescription drugs. Olson, whose birth name …

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Apr 13 2016

Hundreds Pay Tribute to Frank Barbarino: Why is LAPD Singing Praises of a Very Connected Porn Valley ‘John’?

EDITORIAL: This man was a hardcore partier who regularly ‘dated’ and/or hired pornstars to party and have sex with him. He died just a couple days before pornstar Amber Rayne. Both had connections to drugs so both their deaths could be associated with drugs. Is there a bad drug circulating in Porn Valley that’s killing people? …

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Apr 12 2016

Pornstar James Deen Swaggers Off Another Porn Set as He’s Seen for First Time Since Mystery Death of the Adult Actress Who Accused Him of Rape

EDITORIAL: Just an FYI here, James Deen has been shooting porn the entire time since being accused of rape and assault by 9 women. He just released a new porn video. Check his social media. He’s been spending some time up in Sarah Palin’s territory. Guess since she endorsed pimp, Donald Trump, she’s okay with …

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Apr 11 2016

Foxx and Foster – March 2016 Porn & Entertainment News Review

On the March 2016 Foxx and Foster News review, Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx provide coverage and commentary on the following news items and issues: Playboy TV allegedly canceling their porn production (though their websites still contain pornography), Hugh Hefner moving ahead with the mainstreaming of Playboy Magazine, the bizarre death …

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Apr 09 2016

Pornhub Says It’s Their Duty to Offer Free Virtual Reality Porn & Headsets to Addict More Men Faster

EDITORIAL: Understand that while they promote this with legit porn, under the surface, this is a mechanism to addict more men to hardcore, violent porn and child pornography. They are literally handing their evil over for free because they know the long term rewards of addicting more men so they can control their minds through …

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Apr 08 2016

Charlie Sheen Under Criminal Investigation by LAPD – What about the Prostitution that Got Him Here?

Page Six By Ian Mohr April 6, 2016 | 5:10pm Charlie SheenPhoto: Splash News Charlie Sheen’s life is getting even more complicated. The Los Angeles Police Department has opened a criminal investigation of the actor. LAPD Officer Mike Lopez told Page Six that “on March 31, at about 7:45 a.m.,” officers visited Sheen’s home as part …

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Apr 04 2016

More on Pornstar Amber Rayne’s Death because Porn Valley Media Pimps are Withholding Information!

EDITORIAL: As we can see from comparing this story by The Guardian and the first story I posted by AVN.com (one of Porn Valley’s propaganda site), Amber Rayne DID NOT  just pass away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 31. Her so-called ‘friend’ was said to be coming over. Amber tweets that she’s supposed …

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Apr 04 2016

31 Year Old Pornstar Who Accused James Deen of Raping/Injuring Her Found Dead of Unknown Causes

EDITORIAL: This is very suspicious. This pornstar was only 31 years old, was living life to its’ fullest and suddenly, she dies ‘peacefully’ in her sleep. She had just STD tested for work days before. Did she come up HIV positive and kill herself? Notice not one single tweet below questions her dying at such …

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Mar 24 2016

VICTORY: Porn Producers Throw in the Towel on L.A.’s Measure B after 2 Courts Uphold Its Constitutionality

Los Angeles County Supervisors vote to settle lawsuit brought by Vivid Entertainment & adult industry to block implementation of L.A. County’s Measure B, the 2012 ballot measure approved by 57% of Los Angeles County voters that requires actors in pornographic films to wear condoms. Vivid & adult industry decline to continue with lawsuit; give in …

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Mar 17 2016

Pawn Stars, Porn Stars & Prostitutes: What a Girl will Do for Money & Fame These Days-Chumlee Photos

EDITORIAL: Where there’s criminal activity going on, you’ll find members of Porn Valley. These photos look reminiscent of Charlie Sheen. The only difference is instead a drawer full of money, Chumlee’s got shoes full of it.  Better watch this guy and anyone else who’s closely connected to him for possible HIV, Hep C and other …

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Mar 16 2016

Still Don’t Think Donald Trump is a Pimp? Let’s Ask Beverly Johnson & Peter Nygår about Alexia Palmer, Trump Modeling Mgmt & H-1B Visas

In this Political Alert, Alexandra Mayers questions whether or not presidential candidate Donald Trump ordered Beverly Johnson (who has been signed to Trump Model Management since 2012) to speak out publicly against alleged rapist Bill Cosby in effort to substantially shift the political climate to favor both himself and Ben Carson. This March of 2016, …

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Mar 16 2016

Hugh Hefner’s New Non-Nude Playboy May Lead to INCREASE of Teen Sex Trafficking Victims into Porn

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn-SQDK1UbE] Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster outlines how Hugh Hefner’s new Non-Nude Playboy magazine format could potentially (and most likely will) lead to a dramatic increase of minors and teenage sex trafficking victims into pornography (the adult entertainment industry) and illegal prostitution. View the complete article about this situation titled “The new Non-Nude Playboy …

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Mar 16 2016

Essay by Historian Luke Ford: The Reality of Incest in the Porn Industry

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster discusses explains when pornstars refer to the porn industry as being a “family” – the truth is, they don’t just mean metaphorically… In this webcast, Alexandra aka Monica Foster reads an insightful essay written by porn industry historian Luke Ford of LukeIsBack.com (in advance, Alexandra apologizes that she stumbles a …

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Mar 11 2016

Vanna White Regrets Her Playboy Cover: ‘I Didn’t Want to Be on There’

ET Online by Alex Ungerman 1:51 PM PST, February 10, 2016 Playing Vanna White Regrets Her Playboy Cover: ‘I Didn’t Want to Be on There’ Vanna White regrets working with Playboy. The Wheel of Fortune star candidly addressed her 1987 Playboy cover on Wednesday’s Wendy Williams Show, pointing out, “I wasn’t on there because I …

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Mar 10 2016

Holy Man, Hooker & Hush Money: Prostitute Sued in Austria for Blackmailing Priest for €400,000

RT Published time: 10 Mar, 2016 12:14 A Romanian prostitute has been taken to court in Austria after a priest claimed she blackmailed him for more than €400,000 (US$440,000). The man says that he pitied the woman, often visiting her workplace – but no sex was involved. The 29-year-old woman, who was living in the …

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