Apr 01 2015

LONDON/BRAZZER TRAINWRECK: Parents Let Off Steam after Porn Film is Shot at Vintage Railway

Bosses at the Epping Ongar Railway – a heritage railway in Essex – allow American adult film company, Brazzers, to shoot a 28-minute film The film’s star, a brunette woman dressed in school uniform, sucks on a lollipop suggestively Photo: East News The Telegraph By Agency 11:17AM BST 01 Apr 2015 A vintage railway operator has …

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Apr 01 2015

LOSS OF INNOCENCE: Chicago Teens Arrested for Child Porn after Group Sex Video Posted on Twitter

EDITORIAL: Parents, you need to understand your middle school aged teens are having group sex. The child porn aspect of this is only the beginning of your problems. These CHILDREN are sexually assaulting each other without even realizing what they are doing or what is being done to them. This is because they are re-enacting …

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Mar 31 2015

NOTE TO DICK CHENEY: Men Do Not Buy Playboy for the Articles and You Just Supported the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Women Everywhere

EDITORIAL: Playboy is in SOOOOO much hot water these days, it is a serious mistake for any politician to work with them, regardless of what it’s for. Playboy and Hugh Hefner are great friends with serial rapist, Bill Cosby. Such good friends, in fact, that Hugh Hefner gave Bill Cosby a weekend resort (the Playboy …

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Mar 29 2015

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: A Porn Journalist’s Take of a Porn Set and Some Serious Porn History

Words & Photos by SUSANNAH BRESLIN | Logo & Design by CHRIS BISHOP At a certain point during the week that I spend in Los Angeles, interviewing adult performers, visiting adult movie sets, and talking to those who live in the San Fernando Valley and work in the adult movie industry about the recession and how the …

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Mar 23 2015

Holly Madison Reveals She Contemplated Suicide While Living at the Playboy Mansion in New Memoir

EDITORIAL: I’m glad to see these women moving on with their lives and also, for speaking out about the TRUTHS of what happened during their time locked inside the Playboy mansion. It’s time for this FANTASY to be put to rest and the REALITY of pornography be set FREE. MEN: Playboy abused and exploited ALL …

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Mar 23 2015

Let’s Get One Fact Straight Right Now, Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette are Sex Traffickers!

EDITORIAL: I went off on @Twitter today after seeing the following video. I want to make this perfectly clear. Dennis Hof IS a sex trafficker. He and Madam Suzette use fraud, force, coercion and debt bondage to keep the girls there. There is definitely illegal activities happening out of the Bunny Ranch. Below is what …

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Mar 22 2015

NEGLIGENT: Another HIV Positive in Porn Valley as Cal/OSHA Targeted over 5-year Delay on Adult Film Condom Regulations

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Posted March 19, 2015 Sacramento PROTEST March 19th followed by PUBLIC TESTIMONY at Cal/OSHA Standards Board Hearing Advocates to decry years-long delay in amending California’s Bloodborne Pathogens Statutes re: condom use by adult film workers; 50 advocates to host 8am Sacramento protest at the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency followed by …

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Mar 21 2015

PETITION: Investigate Possible TVPA, Mann Act and RICO Violations at PLAYBOY/MANWIN Corporations Inside the Los Angeles Porn Industry

PETITION: TO: The FBI, LAPD Vice Unit, California State Attorney, Florida State Attorney Trafficking Unit, Cook County Trafficking Task Force, Department of Justice: Investigate Possible Sex Trafficking, Mann Act and RICO Violations at PLAYBOY/MANWIN Corporations Inside the Los Angeles Pornography Industry. We, the signers of this petition, want to bring awareness to potential sex trafficking …

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Mar 21 2015

No, ‘Semen Facials’ Not a Good Idea – Doctor Stresses STDs to Eyes/Face a Bigger Reality than Nice Skin

EDITORIAL: This is why facial ejaculation during porn productions are illegal per CAL/OSHA laws and should be enforced. The possibility of spreading dangerous STDs to the eyes and sinus cavities, through skin abrasions and directing into the oral cavities is HUGE! Truth is, facial or ‘money shots’ in US pornography was widely considered a fetish …

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Mar 19 2015

TIME TO INVESTIGATE: Holly Madison Says Life Inside The Playboy Mansion ‘Wasn’t A Dream At All’!

EDITORIAL: It’s time for Playboy to be investigated. We have heard enough. Serial rapists, girls locked in the mansion, girls getting drunk and high to complete their contractual agreement to have sex with Hugh Hefner, girls getting pimped out to the world. In America, it is illegal to execute a sex contract so WHY has …

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Mar 15 2015

Lawyer Dad Arrested for Hosting Drunken Playboy Mansion Themed Birthday Party for His Daughter, 18, AND Hundreds of Her Friends

Birthday girl Olivia Lake’s ‘Liv’s Playboy Mansion’ party was attended by between 150 and 200 fellow teenagers, deputies have said The 18-year-old’s father Jeff Lake was arrested by deputies for social host ordinance violation charges He works as a lawyer, and his wife Jacki Lake used to be the parent-teacher association president at the local high …

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Mar 14 2015

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Do You Know Any Other News Source Talking about These Important Issues? If Not, Back This Project so You Will!

1 Pledge @$5000, 5 Pledges @$1000, 10 Pledges @$500, or how about this . . . 500 Followers each pledge $10 = Project Funded. We can do this! New Weekly Web Series Project, “The Hell of Fame” by Foxx Media Group & Media Domme Foxx Media Group foxxmediagroup.com See Full Bio Contact Back This Project …

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Mar 12 2015

TOO COOL FOR PORN: The Tide IS Turning Against the Porn Industry . . . And They’re Scared!

Fight the New Drug LifeSite by MATT FRADD on Wed Mar 11, 2015 – 4:21 pm EST Pornography Is it just me or are more and more people beginning to wake up to the fact that porn is unhealthy? I mean, when GQ tells men to quit porn before it ruins their life, Russell Brand’s video against …

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Mar 08 2015

ADULT THEMES: Rise & Fall of America’s 1st Digital Brothel – Stay Dead Because This is Just Plain Nasty!

EDITORIAL: Unfortunately, we can’t know how bad it is until we see items like this. Going to bleach my brain after I’m done posting. Men, look at this and ask yourself . . . Is this the person you always wanted to be? A man who hides in his room having FAKE SEX with plastic …

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Mar 05 2015

REGULATION BEGINS: AHF OK’d to Donate $100K to Help Start Up L.A. Health Commission

LOS ANGELES — The City Attorney’s office has given its formal blessing for a plan to accept $100,000 from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to fund the Los Angeles City Health Commission, a panel that would oversee delivery of health services and have considerable influence over public health policy in the municipality. The City Attorney’s office …

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Mar 05 2015

Egypt Investigates Pyramid Porn Film: Russian Tourists Reportedly Filmed Video Near Giza Pyramids, Sphinx

IB Times by  Lora Moftah @LoraMoftah l.moftah@ibtimes.com on March 05 2015 12:31 PM EST Egyptian authorities announced Thursday that they are investigating a pornographic film allegedly shot near the Giza Pyramids, pictured here on the outskirts of Cairo, Jan. 16, 2015. Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghan Authorities in Egypt are investigating the production of a pornographic …

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Mar 02 2015

PORNSTAR AURORA SNOW: Blood, Sweat and Sex – My Hard Life in Porn

Aurora Snow 03.18.13 Daily Beast The performers may look like they’re in ecstasy, but the physical pain and endurance that goes into sex for the camera would make an NFL linebacker weep. By Aurora Snow Portrait of me in the middle of a typical porn scene: Sweat drips down my face, my overworked legs are wobbly, …

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Feb 25 2015

ORIGINS OF PORN: “In the East There is Crime; in the Center the Con Men Hold Sway; in the North Resides Misery, in the West Lechery; and Everywhere—The Decline.”

WEIMAR GERMANY – A dress rehearsal for the 1960’s sexual revolution, today’s Los Angeles porn industry & tomorrow’s American organized crime controlled “legal” prostitution operations February 25, 2015 Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Read this, and think. The article below was written by Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) – an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in …

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Feb 24 2015

Ten Most Famous Jewish Pornstars – Gay Performer and Staunch Zionist Michael Lucas Ranks 4th

EDITORIAL: These jewish pornstars, except Joanna, appear to all be from the 80s. What this shows is they used their own people to get the industry going. Once they had their following online, they were able to switch to producing and begin exploiting other groups. Once they had the girls, it was nothing to start …

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Feb 21 2015

HOOKER ALERT: Trinity St. Clair’s Parking Lot Trips; Misty Stone Charges $2,000/hr; They’re All James Bartholet Girls; So, What’s Sofia Vergara Doing Here?

So, was Sofia one of Bartholet’s girls ‘back in the days’? –on the web WARNING: LINKS ARE NSFW – NUDITY/PORNOGRAPHY! from www.jamesbartholet.com/?page_id=49 James Bartholet’s clients who escort: Daisy Marie escorts through The Luxury Companion www.theluxurycompanion.com/view.php?id=268&gender=female Click here for her escort reviews on The Erotic Review www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=115559 Emy Reyes escorts through The Luxury Companion www.theluxurycompanion.com/view.php?id=85&gender=female Click …

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Feb 20 2015

According to Legal Brothel Spokesperson, #Jewish #Canadian Noel Biderman of #ArrangementFinders is an Illegal #Pimp for #Pornstars

MONICA FOSTER FEBRUARY 19, 2015 an Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Fosterinvestigation: According to a recent press release, pornstar and convicted felon Kayden Kross was recently named “President” of the Sugar Daddy Dating website ArrangementFinders (a website who ironically is heavily promoting a “sugar baby” and pornstar by the name of Trinity St. Claire – who …

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Feb 16 2015

IS YOUR DAUGHTER AT HIGHER RISK?: One State Produces More Porn Stars Than 44 Others Combined

BroBible.com BY DOUGLAS CHARLES / 02.11.15 SHUTTERSTOCK Ever wondered how many porn stars your home state has produced lately? No? Would you be curious to find out? Sure you would. Thanks to the fine folks over at Mandatory we now know the answer to that question as well as which states have produced the MOST …

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Feb 16 2015

REDEMPTION: War Machine Tweets from Jail about STDs & Lies the Porn Industry Tells You!

MONICA FOSTER FEBRUARY 13, 2015 posted by War Machine aka Jonathan Koppenhaver via twitter “I denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure… Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” Ecclesiastes 2:10-11 I …

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Feb 14 2015

MANN ACT/RICO/TVPA VIOLATIONS: Playboy Recruits Known Prostitute Camilla Navarro from Uruguay

EDITORIAL: From the stories below, it would appear that Playboy is experiencing some major shakeups and as a result, they are now recruiting foreign prostitutes to work in the Los Angeles porn industry. They are also shooting porn right here in my state of Florida and I’m a wondering if there’s condoms being used. Shooting …

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