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Dec 15 2015

Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane: Ex Porn Producer/Performer Who Hacked Performer Database for Stalker Site TRPWL

bloggers narcissists angry ex pornstars pervert bully delusional Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long  Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane August 27, 2015 TBadmin Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane (known on twitter as @xxxfilmjobs, @RealAdultJobs, @HeatherDeepxxx & @That_Retro_Guy_) is a pornstar best known for being the operator and “front man” for the website Pornwikileaks (a racist and homophobic hate speech …

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Jul 07 2012

EPILOGUE: Porn in the Valley Goes Mainstream as Possible Federal Gov’t Coverup Exposed in Court System

The Foxxs – After the programming was complete!! Porn in the Valley IS the story of EXACTLY what happened to my daughter and I while stuck inside the dark and evil world of Sex Trafficking in Porn Valley. Our story is very personal. We are both rape victims. My daughter was tortured. We were all …

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May 20 2012

MIAMI: Officials Claim “No Knowledge of Porn Shoots in South Florida”, Show Director Say It’s Great for Trafficking Girls into Porn! – Say WHAT??

EDITORIAL: Being that my daughter and I were recruited into the Los Angeles porn industry in Ft. Lauderdale and we shot in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm regularly for the first few months, there’s no doubt that porn production is happening in South Florida. I decided to call it “Porn Beach”. There are several …

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May 10 2012


Orlando Rescue & Restore Coalition “Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Serving East Central Florida” Dear Community Leader, Abolitionist & Advocate:  Thanks to our passionate coalition members and their spheres of influence already this year more and more of our community has join the fight against modern day slavery.   At ORRC our mission is to create …

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May 10 2012

FLORIDA: Battling Human Trafficking – Bradenton Woman Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking of Underage Girls

By HERALD STAFF REPORT Posted: 9:55am on May 10, 2012; Modified: 1:57pm on May 10, 2012 Neag Prom Story Photos A Bradenton woman has pleaded guilty to the sex trafficking of minors, recruiting four underage girls to work as prostitutes and promoting the business by taking sexually explicit photos of the girls and posting them …

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May 08 2012

PORN: Orlando, Miami Named as ‘Smuttiest’ Cities – They are Also Hubs for Human Trafficking. Florida is Amongst Top 3 States with Texas and California!!

Monica Foster May 8, 2012 Monica Foster commentary: I have a feeling that this is the year that a major scandal / revelation will break which links Disney directly to the Los Angeles porn industry…I’ve been noticing some things (That recent movie “Tangled” was a major key in my view…the primary characters really reminded me …

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May 05 2012

FL: Takes Stand Against Torture Porn “50 Shades of Grey” – Porn Does Not Belong in Public Libraries. As Taxpayers, We Have A Voice Where Our Money Goes

EDITORIAL: I guess it takes a Floridian to show America how to deal with obscenity. We also took down Max Hardcore, if you’ll recall. I say, “GOD BLESS YOU” for taking this stand. Torture of women is not art, it is not entertainment and it’s not a harlequin romance novel. The author has 2 sons. …

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