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Mar 23 2014

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PITV: I Began Blogging March 26, 2008 – Living a Lifetime in Just 6 Years

Posted on Foxxytales.com, a Foxx Media Group website I haven’t written in Foxxytales for quite some time. In wanting to live a quesi normal life in the real world, I found it best to keep my personal life just that, personal. While we know that our progress is still tracked, it lets us feel more …

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Jul 07 2012

EPILOGUE: Porn in the Valley Goes Mainstream as Possible Federal Gov’t Coverup Exposed in Court System

The Foxxs – After the programming was complete!! Porn in the Valley IS the story of EXACTLY what happened to my daughter and I while stuck inside the dark and evil world of Sex Trafficking in Porn Valley. Our story is very personal. We are both rape victims. My daughter was tortured. We were all …

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Jul 05 2012

OUR STORY: “Porn In The Valley” – Thank You to Those Who Have Always Been There, This One’s For You As Well As My Daughter!!

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO SUCH A NICE GIRL? My daughter and I when we first moved to Miami. She was 21, I was 47. We were just a normal mom and daughter who had moved back in with each other, moving to a new town to start over after both ending a couple of …

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Apr 15 2012

Reaching Out to Let You Know You’re Not Alone – A Lullaby

Lullaby – Lyrics I know the feeling Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge And there ain’t no healing From cutting yourself with the jagged edge I’m telling you that Its never that bad Take it from someone whose been where you’re at Laid out on the floor And your not sure You can …

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Mar 21 2012

Why Isn’t Putting Porn on Political Agenda Supported by More Than Santorum?? The Violence Against Girls Has to be Addressed

Malika Saada SaarDirector, Human Rights Project for Girls – Huffington Post Posted: 03/21/2012 12:05 pm I am not a supporter, by any means, of Rick Santorum. He is a politician wedded to a politics of fear and divisiveness. His potential election as president would, I believe, endanger our nation’s restored moral credibility. At the same …

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Jan 20 2012

BIOGRAPHY: It’s Time You Knew a Bit More About Me – My Real Name is Diana Tho Many Still Call Me Desi

I thought since you are all following me, it was high time to let you in on who I really am. Who is this woman named Diana who is telling the World to shut down Porn Valley?? My real name is Diana Grandmason and my stage name for the year and a half that I …

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