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Mar 10 2016

Porn Valley’s Dr. Chauntelle Works Hard to Push Their Pro-Incest Agenda, Excuses It as Just Faux Incest

EDITORIAL: The below is pure Porn Valley propaganda to promote incest specifically because of my interview with Sunset Thomas and Dr. Dixie (below). I’m sure they saw a spike in traffic from curious googlers. They are trying to justify what they tried to do with us and they’re all of a sudden pushing an agenda …

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Feb 06 2016

UPDATE: Is Porn Rag Xbiz Suppressing Truth about Porn Troll Attorney Marc Randazza Offering to Pay $20K Per Bar License to Avoid Disbarment?

2-12-2016 UPDATE: ArsTechnica.com has published an IN DEPTH and DETAILED article in regards to the truth of this situation. Click here to read. Why does Rhett Pardon and Xbiz.com appear to be suppressing information about the Marc Randazza legal situation with gay porn studio Corbin Fisher? Earlier this week on February 2, 2016 – the …

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Sep 30 2015

My Cyberstalker Reported on TweetingBullies.com: Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Scott Bass

Tweeting Bullies on August 27, 2015 Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre aka Uncle Peg Below are links to reputable independent investigative blogs and websites outlining the stalking, bullying, intimidation and criminal activity over the years of Free Speech Coalition and pornographic industry affiliated Ari Scott Bass (better known as Michael Whiteacre or Uncle Peg). As …

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Sep 28 2015

EXPLOITING MOTHERHOOD: Who’s Worse? Hillary Clinton or Her Lactating Pornstar Clone Kayden Kross?

  Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’m really not certain who makes my stomach churn more…Hillary Clinton or Kayden Kross.   If you’ve ever wondered what Kross will look like as she gets older, just take a good long look at Hillary Clinton… Along with Kross behaving in a similar manner to Clinton, they both have the …

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Sep 25 2015

Kristina Wildeveld, Attorney Affiliated with Sex Worker Non-Profit ‘Cupcake Girls’ Defends Convicted Wife Beater Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Scott Bass

EDITORIAL: This is especially interesting to me today because Ari Bass began threatening me last night after I posted a couple photos of the emerging so-called sex expert, Dr. Chauntelle, who is closely connected to Joy King, who’s the female front for the well known Wicked porn production company. Dr. Chauntelle uses her degree to …

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Nov 24 2013

PORN VALLEY: The Free Speech Coalition’s History of Defending Child Pornography

MonicaFoster November 23, 2013 0 Kurt Brackob sex offender with Diane Duke, Lydia Ann Gray, Doug Hawk and Joanne Cachepero of the Free Speech Coalition Monica Foster commentary: As of November 20th, it was revealed that the executive director of the Free Speech Coalition Diane Duke (along with porn industry attorney Marc Randazza, porn studio Evil Angel general …

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Sep 08 2013

Porn Valley Shut Down Again After 3rd HIV Case Found – Porn Producers Say Keep $hooting$, We Don’t Care!

EDITORIAL: Porn producers say keep shooting, we care about money, not performers. Cal/OSHA, Los Angeles County, the LAPD Vice Squad and the State of California all say, who cares. We don’t. We spend ALL our money protecting the celebrities in Hollywood. Nobody wants to spend any money or effort on crazy porn whores. That is, …

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May 10 2012

Just Because You Got the Monkey Off Your Back Doesn’t Mean the Circus Has Left Town – Let’s Get Down to Business

I love Eminem and when I saw this toon from Monica at “Porn Worth Watching” where she comments, “The porn industry sure loves smelly monkeys…I wonder when those in Porn Valley involved in beastiality will be outed…”, I thought this song was perfect to go along. Porn Valley is a circus freak show. Who will …

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Apr 06 2012

Porn Valley Promotes New Stalker Site – Site Owner, Hunter Moore, Encourages “Performer Suicide” From Site’s Cyberstalking to Drive Traffic to Profit From Their Deaths

A Monica Foster commentary: Diane Duke – President of the FSC Not only does she oppose condoms in porn, she supports Michael Whiteacre who encourages pornstars to commit suicide. Today Xbiz.com proved 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Shelley Lubben and Desi Foxx (along with many other anti-porn activists) have been stating for …

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