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Nov 20 2015

Meet Another Unethical Attorney, Ronald D. Green, of Randazza Legal Group – Stalker & Twitter Troll @JamieProfit

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Ironically just about 2 weeks after the beautifully written exposé on corrupt pornographic industry attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, “Bribery, gay porn, and copyright trolls: The rise and fall of lawyer Marc Randazza“, made international mainstream news headlines – it has been revealed that one of the …

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Dec 26 2014

PITV WEBCAST: 2014 Porn and Entertainment News Holiday Wrap Up – Watch Pt 1

Published on Dec 25, 2014 On part 1 of the special 2014 Porn News Holiday Wrap-Up (brought to you by PornInTheValley.com & PornNewsToday.com) ex-pornstar Alexandra fka Monica Foster is joined by special guest ex-pornstar Diana fka Desi Foxx to present the hottest porn industry and Hollywood entertainment industry news items mainstream media doesn’t want you …

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May 18 2014

A Porn Valley Lynching: Extortion & Stalking of Victims & Whistleblowers Prove Civil Rights in America are Dead

EDITORIAL: A little history on this story. Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster and I met when we both were under the same porn agent. The night we met, we were both staying in 1 of 2 cheap hotel rooms our agent had 8 girls and himself booked into for a 2 week stint shooting hardcore …

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Jul 07 2012

EPILOGUE: Porn in the Valley Goes Mainstream as Possible Federal Gov’t Coverup Exposed in Court System

The Foxxs – After the programming was complete!! Porn in the Valley IS the story of EXACTLY what happened to my daughter and I while stuck inside the dark and evil world of Sex Trafficking in Porn Valley. Our story is very personal. We are both rape victims. My daughter was tortured. We were all …

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May 08 2012

Monica Foster Interviews Greg Lions – Ex-Pornstar Known as Rod Pierce, Author and Comedian – More Truths Revealed, This Time About New York

Published on May 7, 2012 by monicaathome Monica Foster interviews Greg Lions – author, comedian and ex pornstar from the 80 known as Rod Pierce. Greg shares his experiences from when he worked as a pornstar and a live sex show performer. He discusses his encounters with Sharon Mitchell (who later became the head of …

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