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Jul 07 2012

EPILOGUE: Porn in the Valley Goes Mainstream as Possible Federal Gov’t Coverup Exposed in Court System

The Foxxs – After the programming was complete!! Porn in the Valley IS the story of EXACTLY what happened to my daughter and I while stuck inside the dark and evil world of Sex Trafficking in Porn Valley. Our story is very personal. We are both rape victims. My daughter was tortured. We were all …

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Jul 05 2012

OUR STORY: “Porn In The Valley” – Thank You to Those Who Have Always Been There, This One’s For You As Well As My Daughter!!

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO SUCH A NICE GIRL? My daughter and I when we first moved to Miami. She was 21, I was 47. We were just a normal mom and daughter who had moved back in with each other, moving to a new town to start over after both ending a couple of …

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Jun 29 2012

ANOTHER PORN VALLEY BEATING: Pornstar, Stoya, Presents Her Wounds Like a Badge – A Gang Initiation Process Used to Break Down New Members!

I hope media and government leaders understand that the longer this goes on, the worse they will beat these girls. Girls who go into Porn Valley disappear ALL THE TIME. The industry says they went home but we don’t know. We had a roommate disappear and she never came back for her stuff. Her phone …

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Jun 20 2012

PICTORIAL TO HELL: Underage Teen Star Pimped into Porn Valley. Is Bon Jovi a Porn Promoter Now?? Derek Hay, Aleister Crowley and Satanism – Hold on Tight For This One!!

  Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl – She was also a Disney girl!! BTW, she just turned 18 in July, 2011 and was recently fired by Gossip Girl for her porn connection and devil worshipping. HERE, TAYLOR MOMSEN IS ONLY 17 YEARS OLD In this photo: Taylor momsen, Jenna Haze, Sasha Grey Photo: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage – Apr 20, …

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Jun 12 2012

PARENTS: Dismemberment Porn? It’s Real and YOUR Children Have Access to It – What You Can Do!!

(PHOTO: This is just one photo pulled off a pornstar’s twitter. This is Tori Black. Is it fake?? We’ll probably never know but I can tell you I saw real abuse, beatings, and rape. I was raped twice there myself, on sets, on camera, where producers wouldn’t stop the rapes and I couldn’t get up. …

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Jun 08 2012

PORN VALLEY EXTENDS JOB OFFER: Will Former Congressman, Anthony Weiner, Sell His Soul to the Devil Who Took Him Down in the First Place??

Posted on June 20, 2011 in Blog : Adult Entertainment Industry News Will Weiner go to Hustler? — Larry Flynt, porn publisher and erstwhile snoop into the sex lives of politicians, has offered a job to disgraced former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner. Flynt, founder of Hustler Magazine, made the job offer in a letter that …

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Jun 02 2012

Suspect’s Porn Addiction Led to Attempted Hotel Rape – Serial Killers, Rape, Cannibalism, Torture, Satanism – America Definitely Needs a Change

courtesy myfoxal.com Police said a man’s porn addiction led him to try to kidnap and rape a woman at a Travelers Rest hotel. Travelers Rest police said a clerk at the Hampton Inn and another man tried to rape a female guest Monday. The clerk, identified as Christopher McCall, 26, of Marietta fled the hotel then …

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Jun 02 2012

LINKIN PARK: It’s Time to Burn It Down – The Finale

LYRICS “BURN IT DOWN”: The cycle repeated as explosions broke in the sky all that I needed was the one thing I couldn’t find And you were there at the turn Waiting to let me know We’re building it up To break it back down We’re building it up To burn it down We can’t …

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Jun 02 2012

Having the Sex Talk: Is Your Tween Too Sexy Too Soon? You Have to Talk About the Realities of Sexual Dangers Out There. Don’t Let Porn Valley Teach Them Their Way!!

By Deborah Pike Olsen, Parenting.com updated 10:07 AM EDT, Thu May 31, 2012 Some parents do let their girls wear makeup to school, so it’s important to remind your daughter that families have different rules. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Girls who value themselves for sexual attractiveness are more likely to do risky things Encourage your kids to …

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May 30 2012

SATANISM: Is Porn Valley Grooming Skin Diamond as Sacrificial Lamb or Making a Demon Queen? They Shot a Porn Scene in a Large Replica of an Akashic Mirror!

An Akashic Mirror is a metaphysical device used to access the Akashic Records records – a compendium of knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. This is the porn set that Skin Diamond and Tommy Gunn just shot a scene in today. Just a little while ago, in fact. It’s a large creation of …

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May 22 2012

#2 On Desi’s “To Do List” – ALL Religious Leaders Should Have an Anti-Porn Program for Their Congregations – Thank You, Lord, for Answering Prayers!!

EDITORIAL: If your religious leader is not speaking about the issue of pornography and it’s harm to our society, you should be questioning them about it or finding a new leader. This is straight forward GOD’S WORK to fight this demon. No excuses to do otherwise!! I feel so strongly about this that I put …

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May 18 2012

PORN VALLEY: Tom Cruise Gets Intimate with Playboy – Hmm . . . Sex Scandal Against John Travolta and Tom Cruise Goes Pornographic Satanist – Is Tom a Hollywood Rentboy??

Posted Thursday May 17, 2012 6:29 PM GMT Ladies, you might find yourself wanting a copy of June’s Playboy issue because none other than Tom Cruise opened up in an interview about his belief in Scientology, his marriage to Katie Holmes and how his career almost tanked. The “Top Gun” actor talked about the challenges …

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