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Mar 10 2016

Porn Valley’s Dr. Chauntelle Works Hard to Push Their Pro-Incest Agenda, Excuses It as Just Faux Incest

EDITORIAL: The below is pure Porn Valley propaganda to promote incest specifically because of my interview with Sunset Thomas and Dr. Dixie (below). I’m sure they saw a spike in traffic from curious googlers. They are trying to justify what they tried to do with us and they’re all of a sudden pushing an agenda …

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Mar 09 2016

It Appears a Los Angeles Porn Industry Agent Tried to Recruit a Minor into Signing Illegal Sex Contract

Pornstar Gia Paige (photo via @GiaPaige on twitter) – hopefully she’ll keep her younger sister OUT of pornography. Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Both myself and ex-pornstar Diana fka Desi Foxx have thought for years that there’s a certain group of criminal pornographers and porn agents who target and effectively sex traffick minors into …

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Sep 28 2015

EXPLOITING MOTHERHOOD: Who’s Worse? Hillary Clinton or Her Lactating Pornstar Clone Kayden Kross?

  Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’m really not certain who makes my stomach churn more…Hillary Clinton or Kayden Kross.   If you’ve ever wondered what Kross will look like as she gets older, just take a good long look at Hillary Clinton… Along with Kross behaving in a similar manner to Clinton, they both have the …

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Sep 16 2013

Porn Valley Production Not Stopped after 4th HIV Case – Chooses Profit Over Performer’s Lives Every Time!

EDITORIAL: We’re still waiting for someone to step forward and protect these workers. Someone to step forward and save these daughters and sons lives. Someone to stop Porn Valley from filming the destruction of teens and young adults and then posting it online where EVERYONE WATCHES but NO ONE ACTS!! As Americans, we must all …

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Dec 17 2012

50 Shades of Grey Spin Offs for Teens: MTR on Morning Show – Parents Time to SPEAK OUT and TAKE BACK YOUR KIDS, the Rapists and Torturers are HERE!!

50 Shades of Grey spin offs for teens: MTR on Morning Show Melinda Tankard Reist, MTR in the Media, News of Note Add comments Does teen ‘erotic fiction’ help develop respect-based relationships? This morning I appeared on Channel 7’s Morning Show with Dr Nikki Goldstein to discuss the rise in ‘erotic fiction’ for young people. …

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Jul 07 2012

EPILOGUE: Porn in the Valley Goes Mainstream as Possible Federal Gov’t Coverup Exposed in Court System

The Foxxs – After the programming was complete!! Porn in the Valley IS the story of EXACTLY what happened to my daughter and I while stuck inside the dark and evil world of Sex Trafficking in Porn Valley. Our story is very personal. We are both rape victims. My daughter was tortured. We were all …

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Jul 05 2012

OUR STORY: “Porn In The Valley” – Thank You to Those Who Have Always Been There, This One’s For You As Well As My Daughter!!

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO SUCH A NICE GIRL? My daughter and I when we first moved to Miami. She was 21, I was 47. We were just a normal mom and daughter who had moved back in with each other, moving to a new town to start over after both ending a couple of …

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Jun 29 2012

ANOTHER PORN VALLEY BEATING: Pornstar, Stoya, Presents Her Wounds Like a Badge – A Gang Initiation Process Used to Break Down New Members!

I hope media and government leaders understand that the longer this goes on, the worse they will beat these girls. Girls who go into Porn Valley disappear ALL THE TIME. The industry says they went home but we don’t know. We had a roommate disappear and she never came back for her stuff. Her phone …

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Jun 02 2012

Suspect’s Porn Addiction Led to Attempted Hotel Rape – Serial Killers, Rape, Cannibalism, Torture, Satanism – America Definitely Needs a Change

courtesy myfoxal.com Police said a man’s porn addiction led him to try to kidnap and rape a woman at a Travelers Rest hotel. Travelers Rest police said a clerk at the Hampton Inn and another man tried to rape a female guest Monday. The clerk, identified as Christopher McCall, 26, of Marietta fled the hotel then …

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May 31 2012

Porn Movie Filming at Landmark Coliseum Shocks Officials – It Shows You Porn Valley Will Lie and Use ANYONE to Advance Their Quest for YOUR Children, Fame and $Money$

May 31, 2012 0 Monica Foster commentary: I doubt the city officials are really “shocked” – I think people in positions of power are claiming to be outraged at this stage just for show. This situation proves that corruption runs deep and that the Los Angeles porn industry is usually attached to every instance of …

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May 23 2012

Seems Where You Find DEMOCRATS, You Find PORNSTARS – Is This What You Want for Our Future?? Who’s Paying Their Way to Be Here?? Unbelievable!!

EDITORIAL: It would seem that the Democrats are staking a claim at being pro-porn. It breaks my heart to say that but it would be political suicide to make this move unless you thought you had an ace in the hole (no pun intended)! It’s also further evidence of how every time we look around, …

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May 22 2012

Porn Addicts Prefer Cyber-Sex to Real Intimacy – All Self Admitted Porn Addicts I’ve Talked To Say They Are Lonely and Feel Isolated from Others – It’s a Trap!!

Author: Ben Head Published: May 22, 2012 at 11:51 am Twenty percent of porn addicts prefer watching pornography to being sexually intimate, according to a new study from the University of Sydney. The research shows that, in severe cases, porn addicts will shun real intimacy in favour of online interactions. As the addict withdraws into …

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May 21 2012

UK Acts on Kids Addicted to Online Porn – What’s the Cost to Society to NOT Offer Children a Safer Internet?? New Systems Take Time to Implement – It Takes Patience!!

EDITORIAL: What people need to understand as we all consider and hopefully move toward a safer internet for our children is that ANY filter is going to take tweaking and adjusting to be effective. There is no proverbial giant switch to flip and we have perfect filtering. I find it very ironic that governments and …

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May 20 2012

MIAMI: Officials Claim “No Knowledge of Porn Shoots in South Florida”, Show Director Say It’s Great for Trafficking Girls into Porn! – Say WHAT??

EDITORIAL: Being that my daughter and I were recruited into the Los Angeles porn industry in Ft. Lauderdale and we shot in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm regularly for the first few months, there’s no doubt that porn production is happening in South Florida. I decided to call it “Porn Beach”. There are several …

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May 18 2012

Announcing ‘Moms Against Media’ (MAM) – It’s Time to Hold Leaders Accountable for Their Bad Social Decisions

WELCOME TO ‘MOMS AGAINST MEDIA’ – Say Yes ‘MAM’ Many people know me better as ex-pornstar, Desi Foxx, though I had a life for 47 years before spending a year and a half inside the porn industry. I am also the mother of 3 grown children and a grandmother to a beautiful grand-daughter! In fact, …

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Feb 07 2012

SNOOP DOG: Porn Promoter Demands His Young Fans Listen to His Porn Song – He’s Pushing Erica McLean and Hustler’s Pedophilia Now

2/7/2012 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF Snoop Dogg I Wrote a Porn Rap … NOW LISTEN TO IT!!! Snoop Doggloves porn so much, he decided to express his feelings through song — and TMZ has obtained the XXX hip hop homage … even though we had to bleep about 96% of it.The track appears …

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