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May 01 2016

What did Frank Barbarino Die From, Why is He Listed on a Randazza Legal Group Civil Case & Who is @GewchiWings ?

(far right) Frank Barbarino photographed with LAPD officers Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: For a time while I was living in Los Angeles and was an active adult actress in the pornographic industry I knew Frank. I find it incredibly ironic (and telling) to learn that he was one of LAPD’s top boosters. I’ll …

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Mar 10 2016

Porn Valley’s Dr. Chauntelle Works Hard to Push Their Pro-Incest Agenda, Excuses It as Just Faux Incest

EDITORIAL: The below is pure Porn Valley propaganda to promote incest specifically because of my interview with Sunset Thomas and Dr. Dixie (below). I’m sure they saw a spike in traffic from curious googlers. They are trying to justify what they tried to do with us and they’re all of a sudden pushing an agenda …

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Feb 06 2016

UPDATE: Is Porn Rag Xbiz Suppressing Truth about Porn Troll Attorney Marc Randazza Offering to Pay $20K Per Bar License to Avoid Disbarment?

2-12-2016 UPDATE: ArsTechnica.com has published an IN DEPTH and DETAILED article in regards to the truth of this situation. Click here to read. Why does Rhett Pardon and Xbiz.com appear to be suppressing information about the Marc Randazza legal situation with gay porn studio Corbin Fisher? Earlier this week on February 2, 2016 – the …

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Nov 20 2015

Meet Another Unethical Attorney, Ronald D. Green, of Randazza Legal Group – Stalker & Twitter Troll @JamieProfit

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Ironically just about 2 weeks after the beautifully written exposé on corrupt pornographic industry attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, “Bribery, gay porn, and copyright trolls: The rise and fall of lawyer Marc Randazza“, made international mainstream news headlines – it has been revealed that one of the …

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Sep 25 2015

Kristina Wildeveld, Attorney Affiliated with Sex Worker Non-Profit ‘Cupcake Girls’ Defends Convicted Wife Beater Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Scott Bass

EDITORIAL: This is especially interesting to me today because Ari Bass began threatening me last night after I posted a couple photos of the emerging so-called sex expert, Dr. Chauntelle, who is closely connected to Joy King, who’s the female front for the well known Wicked porn production company. Dr. Chauntelle uses her degree to …

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Sep 18 2015

Pimp James Deen Exploits Racism in Porn to Pressure White Female Pornstars into Having Sex with Gay Crossover Black Performers

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: I’m the type of person who’d rather tell the truth and be widely hated, than be a liar and widely well liked.  That being said, it’s highly probable that I’m the polar opposite of male pornstar James Deen. Before you continue reading this post, you need to read what …

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Aug 07 2015

Pornstar Randy Spears Admits that He was a Prostitute & Did Porn Movies to Buy Drugs

AUGUST 2, 2015 Public Figures Today Alexandra Mayers commentary: The video piece below featuring Greg, aka pornstar Randy Spears, was only posted June 18th, 2015 and it appears as though, according to recent news, the Los Angles porn industry establishment’s primary bullies, Vivid Studios, Brad Armstrong of Wicked Pictures and AVN news, are already trying …

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